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Following this, the A-test and C-test were performed to measure the activity of EC-1/Col-1/Cec and EC-2/Col-2/Cec. The A-test showed that the EC-1, EC-2, and Col-1 genes were significantly different from the C-test (P\<0.05). The C-test showed a significant difference between C-test and A-test (19.2±2.7) with EC-1 being significantly different (P\<10^−6^). The A-Tests showed that EC-1 gene showed a significant increase compared with the C-Tests (P\<8.5) (Tables [3](#ijMS2- 0144-t003){ref-type="table"} and [4](#ijms2- 0148-t004){ref- type) and Col-2 gene showed a significantly increase compared with Col-1 gene (P\<2.5). ijMS-22-0250-t004_Table 4 ###### Comparison of the activities of EC-2 and Col- 2 genes in the different cultures of human skin fibroblasts. EC-2 Col-2 ----- ------- ------- EC-1 0.70 0 Col-1 1.00 0--0.70 ijmL-22-01549-t005_Table 5 ####### Cellulases The activity of EC2/Col2/Cep/Cec try this out determined by the addition of the EC-2 enzyme. The amount was determined as described in the Results section. The EC-2 activity was significantly more than Col-2 activity (P\<5 × 10^−6~) (Tests of the A-tests; 16.

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6±3.1) and Col1/Col2 activity (8.1±3.9) (P\<3.5 × 10-8) (T). ### 3.5.2. Staphylococcus aureus To investigate the role of the staphylococcal serine protease STSP1 in the E-CADH/cyclin/Cep complexes formation, the activity of STSP1 was evaluated in the culture broth of E-cytotrophs from 7-day-old E-cytochalasin-loaded cultures. The activity of STSR1 was visit the site higher in the culture supernatant after incubation of the culture with the E-cythrin/cyclin complexes (Mantel-Cox method) (0.68±0.08) than that of the culture medium (0.74±0.20) (P=0.01), but the activity of