AP Calculus AB Final Exam Review

One of the most anticipated AP Calculus AB final exam review sessions is always the final examination. Students have been cramming for this test all year, and nerves can often make for a tense session on examination day. As a student approaches the review period, it’s important to mentally prepare yourself for a test that you know you will fail. If you prepare with an honest evaluation of your weak areas, you may find yourself surprised at how well you do.

The first thing to do before the review period begins is to make sure you have all of your materials. You’ll need your test book, your calculator, and any assignments for the class. Spend some time before the class reviewing topics that will help you determine which calculators will best serve you on exam day. For example, have you worked out any strategies for working through problems using graph paper? Be sure to review these topics.

Next, it’s time to start practicing on the calculator that will be used on the exam. Practice tests should be taken throughout the course of the semester, but before doing so be sure to have your calculator ready. Find a comfortable place where you can evaluate your performance and pinpoint areas where you could use some extra practice. This will also help you decide which calculators are right for you.

Once you’ve had a chance to spend some time with your calculator, review any homework that will be due the day of the final exam. Be sure to check that you have understood the concepts covered in class thoroughly. You don’t want to be struggling when it’s your turn to take your final exam. Spend some time with your calculator, following the directions for how to use the calculator to solve problems.

Your next step will come when it’s time for your final exam. Review all of the topics that were covered in class thoroughly. Make sure that you understand them and don’t overlook any of the equations. Spend the time necessary so that you can get the answers right.

When you review for the final exam, don’t attempt to do everything at once. If you try to do everything at once, you may end up trying to solve an equation while you are solving another. Try to break the problem up into two or three parts. Solve the first part completely before moving on to the second part. When you have completed your problem, put it aside until the next section. This will help you not only memorize what you are solving for, but it will also help you stay focused as you work through each of the sections of the final exam.

Finally, don’t push yourself too hard. Each of the problems on the final exam has a time limit. If you try to complete the entire test in one day, you will find that it will not be a problem. But, if you try to do it in two or more days you will find that you have a hard time with it. It is better to pace yourself. Pace yourself by the time it takes you to solve one problem rather than trying to finish the exam in a certain amount of time.

Spend the extra time it takes to properly prepare for the AP Calculus AB final exam. You will find that by taking the time to study, you will not only get better grades, but also you will get better prepared for the exams that will follow. Take the exam, read the directions, and get started. Before you know it you will have been accepted into your desired college.