Tips for Success With the Calculus Challenge Exam

Most law schools require their students to take a calculus challenge exam prior to entering the program. It is a test of problem solving skills. This isn’t because it is harder than any other exam, but rather because it will be used to measure your readiness to take the pre-law class at the end of the year. The reasoning skills you develop in this course will help you better understand the complex nature of American law. It will also help you to be prepared to enter college and take calculus classes.

If you are unable to take the course in a traditional way, there are other ways to get help. You can take the exam online. You can also find help at local libraries and community centers that offer classes in law.

There are plenty of websites and books devoted to helping students prepare for the calculus courses at law schools across the country. There are sample tests and suggested study schedules. Students can download homework guides and complete practice tests. There are interactive quizzes and games for learning how to best use algebra, probability and calculus formulas. There are detailed explanations of concepts and helpful hints and tips for succeeding at the course.

Some of the websites and books give very detailed advice about what to do. Others encourage study through common problems. You can navigate between topics in a book or online in a matter of seconds. A book will contain more illustrations and more detailed descriptions of key concepts. When you read a book, you have an easy-to-read guide that helps you learn and practice the subject matter quickly.

Law school libraries offer free resources for course preparation. You can download full textbooks, workbooks and reference guides. You can also seek help from instructors in the library. Most instructors can give you advice and help you with your course work.

Once you decide to take the challenge exam, you have to purchase your materials. The question types are based on prior knowledge and skills. To make sure you understand the material before taking the test, review your notes, homework and test prep guides. Then you buy the materials and get ready to take the test. You will need to bring your calculator and any other necessary items. Some sites allow you to purchase practice tests and study guides, so you can practice answering questions until you feel confident enough to take the real exam.

Before the exam you should know what type of questions will be asked. For instance, you may not have much background in algebra. So your test center may want you to complete a class before taking the challenge. Be prepared for topics such as algebra, trigonometry and calculus.

Before taking the exam review all of your information and review your notes. Practice making notes in front of a mirror and in front of a friend. This will help you get ready to take the real thing.

Plan to complete the course at a nearby testing center. Most centers offer a test time and a format to follow. Make sure you understand all of the instructions before you go. Practice doing problems from the multiple-choice section before moving on to the main area for the equations.

If you are taking the math challenge exam for the first time, it is important that you read the directions carefully before you begin. Many times you will find a short guide with an explanation of the topics. These are usually the most difficult areas. So if you are not familiar with them, take your time and read through the guide.

Practice makes perfect and this goes for the law as well. Take a family law paper. Read it several times. Review the main topic sentences and questions. Spend a few minutes completing the challenging topics. Then, do the problems again.

Don’t spend too much time on any one problem. Concentrate on answering the questions in order. Remember that practice makes perfect. Your answers are compared to those shown on the test page. Only answer the questions you are sure you answered correctly.