Top Tips For The calculus AB Exam

Top 10 AP Calculus AB Exam Errors. In no specific order, here are the top 10 worst mistakes which have been seen by many students taking the test. Each one of these is a serious one, and the ones that do not pay attention during the questions and/or choose answers out of thin air are the ones that yield poor grades. There’s no getting around it, and you should be prepared for them if you plan to get a passing grade on this type of test. However, if you are well prepared, you can skip over some of these and focus on those that will help you instead.

Not Showing Interest. This is the primary error seen by students in the calculus ab course. You must show interest, determination, and even enthusiasm for the course so as to have an increased chance of scoring good grades. If you don’t show any of those things, then you won’t have any motivation to study and therefore, you will not score any points.

Being Too Preparing for the Test. You see, in many cases, a calculator is used in the multiple-choice section, and in such cases, students do not have enough practice before answering the multiple-choice portion of the exam. Thus, if you had made adequate preparations, then you would have more confidence when answering the multiple-choice section and you would be able to score higher marks.

Using the Wrong Grades in Your Calculus Exams. In all fairness, no one really takes the exams seriously unless they manage to get good scores. If you are one of those who is trying to get good marks, then you can forget about trying to focus on other areas of the exams. Focus on the problem, rather than on how you are going to solve it.

Not Preparing For the Multiple-choice Section. One thing that many students fail to realize is that the multiple-choice section of the calculus AB examination consists of an essay. Naturally, you cannot expect to get good grades just by answering a bunch of questions. To have an edge over your competitors, you must present yourself well. Prepare to write at least three essays, and you can always use cheat sheets to help you with your writing.

Not Taking the Questionnaires. Some students think that filling out the surveys is a waste of time, but this isn’t true. Even if you do not get good marks, you might end up getting a better mark based on your filling out the questionnaires. Thus, if you are looking to get the best results out of your calculus AB exam, then you must make sure that you take the time to answer the surveys.

Not Preparing for Scoring. Another common mistake made by students is not preparing for scoring. You can’t expect to do well on these exams based on your answers alone. As such, you need to spend the majority of your studying time on actually working on problems in problem sets, rather than answering surveys. There are some good college board exams sites that actually allow you to track your progress on a weekly basis so that you can get an idea of how you are progressing.

Doing it Early. It is imperative that you do not leave the exam early. You can’t expect to do well on these exams if you leave it half-way through. The last thing you want is to feel like you got held up because you didn’t study hard enough. You should plan to take the exam no less than three days before the scheduled date.